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Your 12 Pillars For Growing You And Having A Successful Business

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Your Why – Your Motivation

This part is the foundation, the very first building block, as everything starts around you:

This includes, you, your family, your friends, your ecosystem, your spirituality – your belief systems, your “why”. This includes: where have your come from, your greatest challenges and what you have learnt from them, your greatest achievements and how have you helped others.

These are all good in determining what drives you, your strengths, your core purpose, your flow and finally your happiness

Your Personal 5 Year Plan

Once you have understood your Why, then it is important to look at your implementation plan. This includes:

How is this going to impact you moving forwards, who are you going to build around you to support you in your journey, where do you want to be in 1, 3, 5 and 10 year’s time, your road map and how are you going to get there and finally your legacy – and that is not just talking about your financial wealth!

Your Business 5 Year Plan

A big question you should ask yourself, is could the business be bigger than you, what is its true potential, what could you make it worth?

Your self limiting beliefs – is the business bigger than you?, your blind spots, your strengths. The vision, mission and purpose for your business and its positioning.

Your board, your management structure, your road map, your business plan. Your business legacy – lifestyle verses building material value in your business for potential exit

Your Brand Assets

The assets of your business in “accounting speak” are typically your tangible such as stock, cash in the bank and debtors. Your Brand Assets are just as important because it represents how your organisation is seen by everyone and everything has to be perfectly aligned

What are your vision, values, mission and purpose? And what is the culture of your organisation? How is this reflected through your look and feel? Who is your “tribe”? These are your Brand Ambassadors, who stand alongside you, care as passionately as you do about what you and your organisation represents and they will be the torch bearers.

Your Products

Your Products and Services that you offer are the income generators that put “cash in the bank” and provide future revenue into your business.

In order to get this right you should research your market, what does your product positioning and your pricing mix look like compared to others in the market? Do you have a clear product Proposition, understand the desirability of what you have to sell and the product mix. For example do you have, products as “gifts”, products for prospects (ie your foundation proposition), products positioned for your ideal clients (ie your core products) and products for established clients (repeat, upsells/cross sells)?

Your Markets

Do you know who are your Ideal clients? Are you clear on the psychographic and demographic make-up of those that are your ideal customers.

How about your competition (too much could make it difficult to make a profit, too little may indicate that there is not a market or you have been ultra smart and spotted an opportunity!). What is your differentiation and company positioning? Are people aware that you exist and how do you drive interest to you, your products and services?

Your Marketing Plan

How are you going to drive interest and potential clients into your business? What is your marketing plan and marketing mix?

Have you looked at what you can do for free or “almost free”? Eg social media, YouTube, blogs and articles, referrals and recommendations, events and webinars/livestreams

Or “paid for”? Eg networking, social media, Google/YouTube “pay per click”, direct mail using email or “lumpy” mail, advertising, sponsorship, TV/radio or Events etc. What have you put into your marketing plan for the next 12 months and in outline terms for the next 3 years?

Your Board, Leaders and Teams

Everything has to start with YOU but it should not be “you alone” whatever size of business you are. You need to surround yourself with good people.

Who is in your board? If you don’t have one who could trust and work with who are CEO’s and Leaders of other successful businesses and who can be your “virtual board” and be your expert guides and mentors to success?

Have you looked in detail at your company’s structure in detail recently? And how you can create inspirational leadership and who you employ or could use as associates for your sales teams, marketing resource, admin and accounting support? How about your manufacturing and operations? Have you considered, what you should outsource and what resource may want to keep in house?

Your Systems

A key question is do you have a “well oiled” machine?

Is everything turning in synch or are you hitting an “invisible glass ceiling”, where you grow and then your costs go up disproportionally making it a “non scalable” business.

Have you implemented our “Social Selling Blueprint” around Lead Generation, Prospect Nurturing and Sales Optimisation Systems.

How about your Front Office Systems, Operations and Back Office Systems? How streamlined are your Billing, Accounting and eCommerce/Payment Systems?

Your Finance – Knowing Your Numbers

As we all know Sales is Vanity, Profits is Sanity, Cashflow is King!

And yet with 80% of businesses crash and burn within five years, how is it that so many businesses get it wrong? Of course there are lots of reasons for this, however a major contributing factor, is because CEO’s don’t have the right people around them supporting them to secure success.

Have you looked at your Management Accounting, Invoicing and Billing, Cash Collection Systems, your Rolling Cashflow Forecasts (your accountant almost certainly has never shown you this – yet it is a vital tool for making sure that you never run out of cash). How about your funding requirements eg Loan, Equity, Cashflow?

Your Assets – Your Intellectual Property

The Assets of your business compliment your Brand Assets, the difference here is that some of these can be capitalised on your Balance Sheet and also over time, tend to have a significant impact on the value of your business and can crucially help secure your business’s future.

These can include tangible and non tangible, your trademarks and patents, your databases, methodologies and systems, awards, innovation and finally network partners.

Why is innovation here? If a business can keep on reinventing itself and has longevity and also makes it much more difficult for it to face threats from competition

Your Scalability

Earlier we talked about the “invisible glass ceiling” – well if you get your systems and processes right your business will scale with ease. Your profitability will go up as a percentage as you grow with the economies of scale kicking in.

Ask yourself this question: “how can I leverage my time and that of my team” and if you are a small business “how can my business be bigger than me”. Also think what have you put in place so that you can scale with ease looking crucially at what we call “your breakability factor” – have you pressure tested your business?

Also consider what would happen if the largest possible client came on board? Or the worse possible event happened in your business? Where would be your “points of failure”? Understand that and it will help you figure out how you can scale and grow and you can put in place the right systems and processes

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