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Undoubtedly, there are many options to consider when your company is looking to harness the power of social selling and buy lead generation services. A quick search online will show that a lot of companies that offer such services really just offer telemarketing and database acquisition or are only dealing with social media leads.

Though these are important components of what we call “the prospect journey”, they are not revealing the full potential of what a complete, joined-up, Business Growth Bureau service can do for your business.

We have developed our own “Social Selling Blueprint” that maximises the entire “prospect journey” and delivers quality leads for your business. This is why we are the right team to help you get more sales.

Here are 5 reasons why we are the best choice for you and your business:

We listen to you.

We  seek to understand what your objectives are first. This may sound obvious but we consider ourselves part of your team so we ask a lot of questions about where your business is going and what you aim to achieve. This helps us decide what is the best option for you.

We are flexible to accommodate your needs.

No business is the same so the solutions we propose are tailored to your exact requirements. We offer both “done-with-you” and “done-for-you” service options – you choose our involvement. We can look after the entire “prospect journey” or focus on specific areas that you need most help with.

We offer a complete Integrated Marketing service to help you get more clients.

Our specially developed “Social Selling Blueprint” covers “the prospect journey” in its entirety. The conversation with a potential buyer may start online or offline, may continue on LinkedIn, email or over the phone. Whatever the specific media used, our system helps you clearly identify any gaps in the lead generation process. We then put a plan together to help you get results – fast.

We are experienced and know what works

The founder has over 25 years of commercial experience with first-hand experience of the constant pressure to get quality leads. We are passionate in providing services that help companies to grow.

We are constantly improving – to help you receive maximum ROI

As part of the Social Selling Blueprint incorporating:

  • Lead Generation System > Building quality leads
  • Prospect Nurturing System > Turning these into Hot Prospects
  • Sales Optimisation System > Closing more Sales!

We are always working on and optimising new techniques focusing on bringing you results and pride ourselves on seeking to improve how our systems are implemented and how this can positively impact our clients.

We constantly review and improve our process to ensure that we stay “ahead of the game”. This ensures you, as our client always get the very best of what we have to offer.

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