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Stephen Sacks of Funding Nav – TV Interview

How To Access Free Cash Now

Stephen Sacks is the owner and founder of Funding Nav. His passion is to help companies become more successful. He can either create or sense check business plans to ensure that you have the most efficient funding structures in place and are taking advantage of some of the very generous tax refunds available. With over 30 years’ business and commerce experience, he can help your company to grow at an accelerated rate.

Funding Nav is a cash facilitator. It delivers entrepreneurial real time advice and execution to owners of businesses looking to raise additional liquidity. Stephen will help you to create more leeway and efficiency within your business, so you are able to expand and become more effective.

He can then look externally to source funding, help you to claim money back from the government, and ensure that you pay less tax.

Key Benefits of using the service:

Assists SME businesses to be more profitable and cash generative.

Helps businesses to become what the founder originally envisioned it would be.

Delivers the cash it needs at the lowest cost, in the quickest time and at the lowest risk.

Support directors in reducing their family’s exposure to onerous personal guarantees.

Work closely with great partners so together we are the largest R and D claimant in the U.K. and have the broadest lending panel should you want to raise loan or equity finance.

To find out more about Stephen Sacks of Funding Nav’s excellent service why not watch this video now…

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