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Biz-Growth: Laying The Foundation

You will learn how to turn 100 people in your chosen Target Market into 8 to 13 Sales Based Opportunities!

You’re going to be learning about:

How to optimise any profile to attract your ideal type of clients

What it actually takes to nurture clients

Why sharing Value is so important

How you can receive free advice and content

How to target your ideal clients from the start by search optimisation

How to accelerate growth and safeguard your business dreams


Are you Looking to market your company more effectively? In this Video Series you will see first-hand some of the top questions asked by our clients and prospective clients. You will also learn how to get in front of your ideal decision makers; our Nurturing methods for attracting your ideal clients; and getting clients to the point where they are asking for sales based conversations.

Due to the success of the Business Growth Bureau’s webinars, they have now introduced an exclusive series in which some of the top questions are answered. You will also gain insights into the tricks of what it takes to market in this fast-paced environment.




Hello, everyone. I’m Alex and this is Rupert and we’re from Business Growth Bureau. The point of today’s video is a bit of an introduction as to who we are as individuals but also what Business Growth Bureau is and what it could potentially offer you as a consumer of our content.                    

So, the reason for this video is that we’re bringing a question series to you guys where we sit and we actually answer key questions that we’ve been asked over the years of us running our business, and this could be anything from sales and marketing to culture to what it actually takes to nurture your ideal clients, to actually asking you for a conversation.

Now, Rupert, I suppose it would be great to start with yourself. Who are you as an individual outside of the workplace? (0:35)



First, I’m a stereotypical entrepreneur. I love actually creating solutions that people want. I’m obviously married, I’ve got a kid now who’s 21 so no longer a kid, just graduated; a dog, a cat; I love travel and all that type of stuff.

But fundamentally, what I really love doing is working with business owners. I love seeing directors of companies really turn those around, grow the business at an accelerated rate so that their businesses ultimately are transformed.



And that would be a good question to ask next: How long have you actually been in business in terms of, in an entrepreneurial way? (1:07)



I’m giving away my age, but about 25 years.



So, a fair amount of experience behind you then. (1:12)



Yes, a lot of fun but we need a bit of fresh blood, hence yourself coming in.



Of course. And in terms of what you bring now, so obviously that experience is going into your current venture, what is Business Growth Bureau? Obviously, I know what it is but the people watching that may be interested in it, what actually is Business Growth Bureau? (1:28)



Business Growth Bureau obviously in itself has got a number of coaches, mentors, trainers, consultants in there providing a very valuable service to our clients, but primarily we’re an organisation which actually helps our clients to find their ideal clients and we do that through a lot of very highly targeted search and put in place very strong prospect nurturing campaigns so that when we’re working with our clients we can pass them over lots of sales-based opportunities so that they can really scale and grow their business.



So essentially, we’re a lead generation company where we not only help you identify who your actual target market is, but actually we put in place the steps, I suppose it would be, to actually nurture people to the point where they’re asking you for the conversations, instead of you having to go out to market. I suppose what essentially we do is, we get people to the point where they’re actually asking you for the sales-based conversation.

For myself, I’ve been in sales for about eight years now and I’ve been brought in to actually help with what the client actually sees from their perspective; what journey can we take them on to not only bring an amazing amount of value but what does that experience actually look like and how do we convey our message, our purpose, our ‘why’ – which is a question we will be touching on – how do we convey that to our clients. And that’s something we’ll be talking about a little bit more.

It would probably be a good time to introduce, what is the point and why should people watch the coming videos? (2:49)



We’re going to be sharing massive amounts of value. What previously we used to do was, we used to charge for a lot of this advice we’re giving, but actually what we’ve decided to do is to give a lot of our expertise and knowledge away for free. So you’re going to get that over the coming weeks.



And obviously I agree with free content and sharing value, mass amounts of value, all the time. Why do you think it’s important to share value with our viewers? (3:13)



First of all, it accelerates relationship trust. I think that’s the most important thing. And it is about fundamentally wanting to give back. We want to make a difference. But of course, what happens over time is, people then ultimately develop a very strong relationship with ourselves and equally the other way round and of course they end up becoming clients as well. So there is a motive there, but obviously it’s about also giving as well and feeling we’re contributing.



Of course. Let’s just wrap this up because this is an introductory video. What is coming in the coming weeks? What can people expect? (3:43)



Just a few examples. First of all, we’ll be focusing on the social selling blueprint, understanding what you need to put in place to make that work. We’ll also be explaining about the six-step sales optimisation process, so getting a really hot flow of leads. We’ll also be helping you to handle objections. I think you’ll be covering a little bit about the self-sabotage and how to unlock those gremlins in your ear. And a whole host of things. But I’m afraid some of that you might need to wait for until the next episode which we’ll be sharing with you.



We’ll conclude it there. Thank you very much for watching. Once again, I’m Alex and this is Rupert from Business Growth Bureau and thank you for taking the time to watch today. (4:21)


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