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BizGrowth Part 04: Your Optimised Social Selling Blueprint

Are you running a well-oiled marketing machine?


If you struggle with:

Being present and visible online

Building a relationship of trust online so people want to buy from you

Attracting your ideal clients and build a strong pipeline of opportunities

Engaging with your potential clients so that they understand what you do

Being able to follow up with potential clients and covert these into sales


This video will show you behind the scenes of how Business Growth Bureau helps their clients to achieve sustainable and scalable growth, through proven methods and techniques.

You will see the simple but effective ways of using our Social Selling Blueprint through social media and the use of the telephone to help leverage your business growth. These methods will not only help to gain a competitive edge, but will also present you as an expert in your field.




Hello everyone, I’m Alex Smith and this is Rupert Honywood from Business Growth Bureau. In the last episode we were talking about self-sabotage and what that may look like inside our personal life and also our business life. In the episode before that, we were talking about the importance of actually knowing your numbers. So if you didn’t get a chance to watch that, go back and have a check, it’s really crucial especially if you are new to business or if you’re struggling to find out where you may be going wrong. Some really good pointers in there.

Today’s video is more of an introduction to what’s to come, and what we’re going to be talking about is the social selling blueprint that we use inside our own business but also we give to our clients as well. What does that social selling blueprint look like, Rupert? (0:40)



The social selling blueprint really is around three things. The first part is putting in place and finding your ideal type of leads, we can explain how to do that. The second part is putting in place a really good prospect nurturing process, and the third part is really to do with the whole sales optimisation process.



Three crucial cogs that we use to get the results that we do in our business, and the first lead generation, we are going to go into a lot more detail about this next, but for people watching right now, what are the three top platforms right now, Rupert, to use for lead generation, first in B2B but also B2C as well? (1:16)



In the B2B space really LinkedIn has to be right at the top there, especially if you’re offering a fairly high product or service or you’re trying to get sponsors or partners as well. In the B2B and B2C space, there’s a bit of a crossover. Facebook is very good, you can do some very clever targeted marketing through that. And if your product or service is very visual or you’ve got some great stories to tell, Instagram is rapidly coming up there as being a very strong platform.



A hundred per cent. And also, the second cog about prospect nurturing, what does that look like and why does that work so well for us? (1:56)



The prospect nurturing process really is building on the relationship of trust, so if you and I go out networking and I was to give you my business card and say, buy my stuff, and then walk away again, it would make you feel pretty disenfranchised, because you don’t feel that you have been valued as a person. But for some reason people seem to feel that that’s acceptable behaviour online, and then they wonder why people don’t want to buy from them or don’t ask more.



I suppose it would be a good point to put in here, if you’re watching now, obviously we’re going to delve a lot more into this in one of the later episodes coming, but I suppose it would be important to look at yourself if you’re new to business or if you’ve recently started or you’ve been going quite a while now and people just aren’t buying from you and you’re wondering why, maybe look at your process – how are you taking people, what value are you providing before, what value are you providing during and what are you doing after the sale?

Because there’s still a crucial amount of work to do after the sale. Once someone’s bought from you, they’re not just bought, are they, they’re going to be a customer for life, and how you engage with that customer after they’ve bought from you is a really crucial thing to think about.

And the third step is what, Rupert? (3:00)



It really is around the whole sales optimisation piece, and you’re dead right, it’s really important from the very beginning to treat that lead or prospect in the way that you or I would like to be treated. Because people remember those experiences and how you made them feel, and when it comes to the sales part of it, especially again if it’s a higher value type of proposition, then it’s about building on the depth of that relationship and using two ears and one mouth, and then taking people through that experience so that they feel that you’ve got their best interests at heart. Then they’re going to be much more likely to close a potential deal.



It probably would be a great time to mention to you watching, we’ve actually got a webinar on all of this as well, it’s weekly at the moment but we’re moving into the point where it’s going to be two or three times a week, where we delve a lot more into what we’re talking about now. So we look at what the actual lead generation side of it looks like, we look at what the prospect nurturing looks like, along with example questions that you could use.

And the third bit is, we talk a lot about what a consultative sale actually is – how do I go from just being an order-taker or a good sales person, how do I actually become a consultative sales person, how do I take that process, how do I take someone through a journey with me, and how do I actually turn them into real assets of my business, and so on.

As we’ve said, this is just an introductory video, so I suppose we can nicely wrap it up there. What’s to come is a full video about lead generation, the platforms that we use, why we use them and what you could be doing maybe to use them as well. We’ll then be looking at the prospect nurturing side of it and actually what that looks like with key messages that we use and to wrap that final episode up, the third episode to come after this, it’ll be what sales optimisation looks like, what words do I use, how do I have a sales conversation, and how do I actually take someone from a starting cold prospect all the way over to a hot prospect or even buying my stuff.

As I said, I’m Alex Smith, this is Rupert Honywood. Anything else to say, Rupert? (4:51)



I think that’s a good wrap. Thank you.



Thank you so much. As I always say, your feedback is our oxygen, thank you so much for watching. If you have got any comments, good or bad, follow them below, we’d be so humbled by that. Thank you so much and we’ll see you in the next episode. Take care. (5:06)




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