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Are your branding and marketing selling your business short?

Do you want to make your marketing money work?

Create and Build your Brand so that Customers are attracted
to you…

The Four Basic Steps are:-

Get your value proposition right

Audit how you are telling your story

Put together a measurable plan

Execute and measure your plan

The 6 key steps to maximise the potential in your business:

Create awareness – tell the people who you would like to buy your product that you are there.

Image Match – Create a sustainable image so that the prospect stays in the relationship with you. Crucially “emotional’ values must be identified and reflected in your brand communication campaign. They are the heart of your brand.

Facts Match – You need to introduce the “Rational” Benefits of your Value Proposition. These are the “head” values of your communication campaign. What the heart feels today the head will understand tomorrow!

Response – Do something together and get a response. Build a “test drive” into your marketing plan and bring to life those benefits, benefits, benefits!

Usage – Does your product or service live up to its promise? It is critical that the experience of being a customer is included in the marketing plan.

Loyalty – Create the most valued asset in your business. Look after those most valued – they might well look after you – advocacy should be a marketing goal!

Getting your branding and marketing right

Do you feel that this will help you?

Most businesses appear to suffer significant number of challenges in one or several of these areas and wish to:

Create a strong clear value proposition to build a long term future.

  • Review the creation of one powerful Brand that can act as a market driver for a range of target markets.
  • The need to bring the brand to life so that it can accommodate a wide range of products and services.
  • Unify any disparate approach to marketing and prevent dilution of values as the products and services are delivered through third party distribution channels.
  • Create a legacy brand that can work for the long term.
  • Build a working marketing plan that can be flexed to drive the business at variable speed depending on the availability of limiting resource and can be implemented with clarity, ease and provide measurable results.



Would a brand and marketing audit be helpful to your business?

  • How is your Unique Value Proposition being communicated?
  • Is this consistently represented across the whole business?
  • Are you targeting the right market profile?
  • Is the brand image consistent with both your value proposition and your ideal customer?
  • What is the customer journey from initial awareness through to long term loyalty
  • What methods of marketing the products and services are working, which are not, what is missing?
  • Are the key benefits of all your business units being clearly communicated
  • How can prospects experience the benefits of each division
  • How does the experience of being a customer match the promise?
  • What is in place to keep customers loyal to the brand?
  • Would you like streamlined action plan?

Would you like us to work with you to clarify your strategy on?

  • How to deliver the Strategy
  • Measure of the Strategy implementation
  • Communicate Requirements
  • Determine which Products and Services generate the best Net Profit Contribution
  • Create a one page business map
  • Develop Marketing plans
  • Project and implement process management
  • Agree Staff roles and responsibilities

We can work with you on the best Methodology for your business. This can involve analysing and carrying out in depth the following:

  • Where will the most profitable prospects come from?
  • What does the brand look like and how we can intuitively portray the benefits.
  • Who are the ideal distribution partners and how do we best approach them?
  • What incentive will gain short-term interest and long-term relationships?
  • How do we keep their loyalty once we have won it?
  • What communication strategies are most suitable for each identified target?

How do we measure the results?

You can benefit from a Brand Communication package including for example the following:

  • Creation of key product and service collateral concepts
  • Revision of website copy and design recommendations to make the most of the alternative web platform identified.
  • Generation of brand advertising for use in the media
  • Specific targeted marketing campaigns
  • Video work, storyboarding and production management
  • Co-ordination and Integration of social media, Google PPC and Email Marketing
  • Development of exhibition materials for use at trade shows etc
  • Concepts for all direct marketing materials
  • Concepts for all customer facing materials: statements, letters, email sign offs and so on.

The above are the basic principles very kindly shared by The Brand Bucket Marketing Company about “making your marketing work.”

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