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Case Study: Claire Burroughs From Ansacom

Claire Managing Director of Ansacom is focused on providing a truly personal service to each and every client through it’s Call Centre which handles both Incoming and Outbound call services.

This also includes Call Answering, Messaging Service, Customer Service, Help Desk, Order Management, Telemarketing, Personal Assistant (PA), Appointment Making and Market Research.

She has clients in a variety of sectors like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Microsoft, TESCO, Sport Business Network, etc.

Claire Burroughs and Steve Hyland – Business Growth Bureau/Integrated Marketing Bureau TV

Claire says that the ..

The Bureau has changed the way we would look at our target markets, so we now go for Dealer Principles, Managing Directors. This has suddenly changed the whole dynamics and we connecting with people who I could never have phoned because they would never take my call and that was became the really exciting part of it

It’s probably the one part of my marketing strategy I wouldn’t change. I changed it in terms of looking at different target areas but I never would think I’m going to get rid of that as part of my marketing strategy

After 2 months of working with the Bureau, I am receiving a continually growing and steady flow of leads where people are showing real interest in using our Call Centre facilities. I have also just picked up a client that is worth many times what I pay for the service.

Claire has since told Rupert from the Bureau that she has picked up 11 more clients

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