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Would you like an unlimited supply of high quality Leads in your chosen target markets?

We can help you by developing a robust lead generation and prospect nurturing strategy. This is critical to achieving sales objectives yet many companies approach this in a disjointed way meaning that golden opportunities to maximise sales potential are missed.

Our approach is different. The Business Growth Bureau wants help you, as our client to integrate all of the lead generation components together – this is in our DNA and the clue is in our name!

We have developed the Social Selling Blueprint which seamlessly links the three different processes to maximise sales results for our clients and we want you to benefit.

All companies need to grow and thrive and we want yours to be no exception. Searching for a continual flow of the right type of clients is a constant challenge – especially when your company is on an accelerated growth path. Why not watch this Video now?


It’s all about data

It is true what they say “rubbish in – rubbish out”. Working with poor quality lists can lead to a company’s slow decline and ultimate death. Accessing good quality “real time” data is a big challenge but you can have access to this through us today.

We are able to help you through our Lead Generation System, the foundation of our Social Selling Blueprint. At this stage of the process we focus on:

Real Time Data building

Data enrichment

We start by establishing with you, who is your ideal target customer and where we are likely to find them.

For example by:

  • Industry sectors in which they operate.
  • Preferred Locations
  • The people they are trying to reach (eg Directors CXOs)
  • Company size
  • Establishing any particular terms that we can search on or micro niches in which they operate

We then work with you to have to get a clear understanding of your products and service mix, to make sure that we can work with you to ensure a strong ROI

If you have any data in-house we can clean this up for you and enrich this with missing information including social data – such as from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram etc.



Buying leads vs generating them

Your ideal clients are at the centre of everything we do. Understanding who they are and where to find them is core to our service. We work flexibly to suit your needs whilst still being GDPR compliant.

Some companies prefer to buy databases of their prospects. If this from reputable sources, this can work well BUT if you buy this from an unreputable source, this data can be of very poor quality. The quality of data also rapidly decays – typically at 30% every year!

Most importantly, using outdated information in your marketing activities can result in your domain or more likely your email address blacklisted with potential devastating consequences to your business.

We can build bespoke data sets for you from live data sources from a selection of over 700 million up-to-date publically available pieces of information. Plus we can reverse search email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses to add considerable value to the data that we build for you. This ensures it is current and of the highest quality.

In addition to our own data sources of which we have over 250,000 records, we have access other real time data sources, including over 5 million Companies House records and records from many other countries + credit reference data.

Which means that we can give our clients the best leads including finding companies by:


  • Size, Turnover and Location
  • Profitability
  • Net worth
  • Credit score
  • Industry Sector



We can then also take these multiple data sources and merge them together so that you have the best leads, in your ideal target markets and help you close more business.

What is more, we can operate in virtually any worldwide market and have access to other real time datasets including so called “Big Data”.

Enriching data

Whatever the state of your data, we pride ourselves on our flexibility so we are happy to work with you on our own data, be it from acquired data or from their own internal lists. In such cases we will assess the quality of the data and may recommend enrichment processes as and when required.

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