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Case Study: Nick Bryant of Social Media First

Nick Bryant is the managing director of Social Media First. He is passionate about getting Social Media to work for your business. As an ex magazine publisher, inventor of Running Free Magazine, marathon runner, musician, business owner now enjoying the world of Social Media and he handles PR for many clients.

Nick is working with businesses across the UK and Europe, including musical instrument distributors, sports specialists, art galleries, hair dressers, dentists, virtual back office companies, packaging companies, outdoor clothing, graphic design and photography studios.

Nick Bryant and Steve Hyland – Business Growth Bureau/Integrated Marketing Bureau TV

Nick says about the the Bureau …

We create an online presence for strengthening businesses. What Rupert does he supplies us hot leads, which is different to what we do.

One of the companies that were already using him showed me what response they were getting… so after speaking with Rupert and I was just really, really impressed about the level of engagement and I was blown away.

It’s really the quantity that he’s doing for us, and the conversations he’s creating for us through LinkedIn, which is just something that we don’t have the manpower to do ourselves.

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