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Would you like to turn those Leads into
Hot Prospects?

When engaging with people who are potential leads it is really important to use our Social Selling Blueprint and take those prospects through our 6 step nurturing process to build a strong relationship of trust . It is of paramount importance for three good reasons:

It results in more volume as well as higher value purchases – you don’t leave money on the table. Research indicates that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads? (Source: Online Marketing Institute)

It is important that you build and nurture the relationship in the right way as it will result in prospects asking to have sales based conversations

It creates more options for future purchases – you maximise sales while minimising lead acquisition costs. Companies that excel at prospect nurturing are known to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. (Source: SalesForce)

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This is the objective of our Prospect Nurturing System – the second stage of the Social Selling Blueprint. Once we have built a database for you of your ideal prospects, we focus on developing a bespoke marketing campaign designed to nurture those relationships – so that those prospects are asking to have sales based conversations!

Very importantly, you are always in control of how your brand is represented. With the wrong messaging or Telesales on its own can cause reputational risks – and this is a big issue on “high ticket” sales, where building on the relationship of trust is everything!

The right marketing messages and permission to engage

Trying to sell to an unwilling prospect is hard work. People need to know, like, trust and respect us before they can open to having a serious business conversation. This is the reason why we work closely with you and your team to develop a series of communication messages that engage prospects in the right way.

  • It is important to consider when we want to start communicating with people that we understand where they may “hang out”. For example the conversation may start off on LinkedIn and then may switch to Personal (not bulk) Email
  • Also nobody likes to be sold to. It is critical, therefore to maximise results, that we seek the prospect’s “permission to engage”. We don’t just bombard them with standard messages, rather we ensure the messages are bespoke and are interesting enough to create curiosity and generate a response.
  • Once the prospect has agreed to have an initial conversation, we then put in place further engagement processes by asking questions so that people start to “put their hands up” and say that they are interested in your product or service.
  • You can then close those pieces of business!

Although this can bring some quick results, this activity is time-consuming so many companies tend to skip it. We don’t because we know that it can make or break a campaign. Instead, time-poor companies under pressure to produce results quickly can rely on us to do this for them!

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Time Investment, Exports and Reporting

Lead management is a labour-intensive, time-consuming, exercise that requires instant access to your team. This is where we can make a big difference to your company – we largely take over this process freeing up your people to concentrate on other initiatives. We produce comprehensive reports and can provide data export files (for import into your own systems) on request, that allow you to closely monitor our progress.

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