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How can I take a coordinated approach to my marketing efforts?

Webinar Q and A Call with Rupert Honywood and Tess Cope 13th June 2019

Here’s what is covered on this call:

Which platforms work best: LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram?

What is working and what is not working?

Determining your sweet spots and target markets

The Social Selling Blueprint: Lead Generation, Prospect Nurturing, Sales Optimization

How to use Sales Navigator to reach your ideal target clients

The optimized engagement and prospect nurturing process

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About this video

Tess Cope is an experienced Leadership Coach and she facilitates systemic breakthroughs that enable clients to harness their highest potential.

Tess with her 9 years experience, has helped many business leaders and clients especially in the Media, TV/Radio and Print sectors plus Healthcare to maximise their hidden potential. She is keen to pick up new clients and has used Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to try and find clients. She has great credibility but so far little or no ROI on money spent and is keen to get results and wants guidance over the best approach…

Rupert and Tess discuss the best approach to marketing using Social Selling techniques to maximise ROI


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