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How Do I Get New Clients If I Have No Credibility In The Market Place?


Are you struggling to gain traction in your market?

Here’s what is covered:

Where to start with no/limited budget

How to establish credibility in the market place

Two crucial questions you need to ask yourself before you start marketing

How to share value with the market place so people want to buy

Who could be the person with the final sign and the power to place an order

About this video

Do either of these scenarios represent your business?

When first starting your company, gaining clients trust can be a difficult objection to overcome. You’re about to tap into 25 years of knowledge and experience as Rupert talks about building credibility with your ideal market.


Are you 12 – 18 months into your business? Have you not been able to gain the traction you expected? The leads are rolling in but just people just aren’t signing on the dotted line. You could be missing some of the tips shared in this video to help achieve that monthly target that seems so far away…




Hello everyone. I’m Alex Smith and this is Rupert Honywood from Business Growth Bureau, welcome. So, today we’re bringing a question to you that was raised on our last webinar actually in terms of we had a lot of new startups on. And they were actually one of the biggest questions that came away from that is how I get clients if I have no credibility behind me. I’ve just started out; how do I get new clients from that?

And one of the things that we posed with that is actually before we get into the point of actually generating new clients and how we get on to that is ask yourself two questions which are really crucial. Is the first one is what am I selling and make that you’ve really got this down to a tier of actually what am I bringing to market. Is it a service? Is it a product? Is it a widget? What is it that I’m actually bringing in to market? Write that down and make sure you’re conveying their message well. But the more important part of that is, what are people actually buying. Are they buying a solution? Are they buying a product? What are they buying from you and does that tie in or does that relate well to what you’re actually selling so that you will know that your message that you’re actually sending out is what people are actually buying.

Now, Rupert obviously we tackled this quite well in the webinar and but for people watching right now because they haven’t joined us on the webinar yet, what’s the best way if I may start up with little to no budget. I’m starting out on a single consultant, what do I do to get new clients? (1:08)



Right. Okay, if you’re a single consultant then obviously it may will be you’re trying to reach people in the business-to-business space, and if that is the case, you could do an awful lot yourself from something a platform like LinkedIn as a really good staring point. If you’re actually trying to reach individuals, then obviously you’ve got platforms such as Facebook or Instagram where you can do a lot of stuff there at no cost or very little cost. (1:33)



Yes, that’s a good point. I suppose on that point there, it’s be good to mention things like obviously we all know this already but things like Facebook and Instagram are great for visual in terms of if you’ve for a product where I mean if you can find a way of visualizing your service but If I’m trying to generate new leads, what’s the best way of doing that? (1:49)



Well, if you’re trying to generate new leads, it’s being to really hone down who you’re trying to reach first of all and that’s really really important because if you try and spread your time or your budget and you’re trying to reach to wider audience everything needs to dilute and have absolutely no impact. So really trying to hone it down. (2:08)



So I suppose a tip to take away from that is if you are a start-up is to focus on the macro to start with in terms of finding out who your actual target client is initially so not trying to go after everybody about finding out initially who that one or two really good kind of type of people is to go after, is that right? (2:24)



Yeah, exactly. And then the thing is, once you start to get that right you can then start to target other niches or micro niches as well but get things working well. Initially that’ll give you some money to put in the bank to pay for lots of other good stuff moving forward. (2:36)



We all know that AB testing works quite well, do I go off to say to one market and another or do I focus on one? What do I do? Do I put all my eggs into one basket and focus on that or do I dilute it a little bit and go off to say one or two different markets? (2:48)



Again, it depends on the product. If it’s a highly commoditized service, then you could do some google advertising, do split testing as you’ve talked about and if it’s more of a service that you’re offering, in real terms it may be a case you need to run with something for about four or six weeks before you start to get a feel for what really is actually happening.

               So, think about that a lot. Once you’ve got that working well then obviously, start to extend it out. (3:15)



Yeah. Obviously, this is just an introduction really. We have actually filmed an entire series of this as well. I think it’s a sorry not series but an entire episode on this. I think there’s about 15 to 20 minutes long. What we will do is, somewhere in the video you’ll see the link to that or you can either swipe up if you’d like to join us on Instagram today.

What we’d love is you to go along today where we actually delved real deep in terms of different platforms that you can use for this but more importantly actually is how do use this platform to your advantage. So, if you’ve enjoyed this video so far as I said, jump on the link that’s the YouTube video or if you’re on Instagram, swipe up now or swipe up on the next slide and we look forward to see you there. Thank you so much. (3:49)



Great. Thank you. (3:50)

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