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Want to nurture those Leads into Hot Prospects so that they become Sales Based Opportunities?

Want to find out more? Watch this 3 minute video for more examples of what the Sales Optimisation System can do for you and your business

Sales Optimisation Process

When you wish to use this part of our service, we have a more detailed process map for Sales Optimisation which we will go through with you on a 1 to 1 basis. In summary:

We are now assuming that people are ASKING to have a telephone conversation, a meeting or a “test drive” and/or want to experience part of your product or service.

When people get to this stage, timely, personalised and appropriate follow up is vital. We find that this is where many companies fall down.

It is really important to get back to that person within 24 hours and meet that person’s requested. Otherwise people lose interest and potentially trust.

The Sales Optimisation System is the final stage in our Business Growth Bureau service. Thus far, our Social Selling Blueprint has helped your company by producing a list of targeted leads and has developed a number of quality, highly converting prospects.

Using social selling best practices, we will have helped you build a relationship with these contacts who are now ready to have sales conversations. This is a very powerful – and desirable – place to be; qualified prospects who are actively seeking to talk to you.

Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. (InsideSales.com) Yet, this is where a lot of companies miss sales opportunities simply by not being on top of the follow up process.

Telephone Qualification Service

The follow up process needs to be swift. Warm/hot prospects expect to talk to you within a few hours and in no more than 1 to 2 days or they will rapidly lose interest. In our experience, companies find this challenging for a number of reasons but mainly fall into two camps:

The company has their own sales team but they are spending time on low value tasks which is limiting their capacity to close the business


There is a lack of sales resource and Team/Manager or Business Owner is very time poor so things get missed

In both examples, this is severely hampering the growth of the business. We are passionate in helping businesses to scale and grow at an accelerated rate

This is the reason why we now offer this new Telephone Qualification Service, specifically designed to help you manage follow ups. This is a flexible “done-with-you” service – we are happy to be part of your extended team or deliver it all for you. We are passionate about contributing to your company’s bottom line in whichever way we can.

Why not find out more about our Sales Optiomisation System by clicking here to watch this 3 minute video.


Extended Telephone Qualification Service options

As part of the Telephone Qualification Service where we follow up those Sales Opportunities on your behalf. These opportunities are further qualified and then passed over to the Sales Manager or Sales Director to close the business.

In other cases we can help and sign post those hot prospects to certain websites and help them with their registration process or in certain select cases their buying decisions.

Sales Optimisation RoadMap

As part of the above process we will be pleased to advise on potential steps you can directly put in place to uplift your sales conversion process. We have found that by incorporating some extra marketing collateral, videos and testimonials plus giving clients certain limited pre-tasks can considerably uplift the Sales Conversion Rate by 50% to 100%

We can look at what you are currently doing now and make recommendations and can arrange for you to receive additional support to uplift results.

Maximising Upsell/Cross Sell Sales Opportunities

Acquiring new customers costs up to four times more compared to selling to your existing ones. Your company can further increase its sales revenue by cross-selling and up-selling products and services to your existing contacts. For this process to succeed, it is necessary that all marketing initiatives in the company are brought together seamlessly.

Years of experience in developing marketing communications plans, allow us to help you integrate all the different channels to market across your company. A network of trusted associates who are experts in their respective fields means we can accommodate every aspect of key support in your business.

This places us in an excellent position to advise you on and drive sales in your business and can also include mentoring, training and/or coaching where relevant.

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