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Case Study: Stephen Sacks of Funding Nav

Stephen Sacks is the owner and founder of Funding Nav. His passion is to help companies become more successful. He can either create or sense check business plans to ensure that you have the most efficient funding structures in place and are taking advantage of some of the very generous tax refunds available claiming money back from the government!

Funding Nav is a cash facilitator. It delivers entrepreneurial real time advice and execution to owners of businesses looking to raise additional liquidity which can also include loan and equity funding.

With over 30 years’ business and commercial experience, he can help your company to grow at an accelerated rate. Funding Nav will help you to unlock the hidden potential within your business, so that you can expand in such a way that is cashflow positive.

Stephen Sacks and Steve Hyland – Business Growth Bureau/Integrated Marketing Bureau TV

Stephen says about the Bureau …

I launched Funding Nav at the beginning of the year and I really wanted to spend my time helping businesses and closing deals and I don’t really waste my time prospecting and following up leads.

I thought that LinkedIn would be a particularly effective way to recruit customers and so it was kind of interesting when I discovered the Bureau and their methodology and it fitted in exactly with what I was actually looking for

It’s been really successful – the guys (at the Bureau) quickly helped to dig down and to systemise the acquisition of data convergence of prospecting and then turning those into hot leads. They had a good understanding of what I was after … and almost within the first couple of weeks, people were requesting more information and asking for conversations … so that was a very easy way for me to get the momentum going within this business.

Frankly I got my annual investment back 100% within about two months

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