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Case Study: Susannah Schofield OBE of Dice Matrix

Susannah Schofield OBE is the owner and founder of Dice Matrix Consulting and is the leading industry expert in strategic selling through fact based business modelling. Susannah is also the author of the book Mind the Gap

Susannah has developed an advanced business diagnostic tool to give extra market intelligence: the Dice Matrix Model. This focuses on the six sides of the “dice” including The Customer, The Sale, The Service, The Product, The After Care and Your People.

Dice Matrix is the only 360 degree business gap analysis programme that generates real-time insight to deliver strategies for businesses who want to achieve financial growth and create value for their customers by engaging with their employees.

Dice Matrix provides answers in a fast paced global environment where time is limited, but where organisations still need critical vision and research, quickly. And delivers a fact based SWOT analysis and sales plans that will deliver results.

Susannah Schofield OBE and Steve Hyland – Business Growth Bureau/Integrated Marketing Bureau TV

Susannah says about the Integrated Marketing Bureau …

I concentrate on so many other things in the business … so if I can almost automate (or outsource), but still get the best results going, then what an excellent way to free up my time.

As part of this, I want something to deliver leads to me to put into a robust CRM system … and (this process) has helped us as a company identify the businesses we should be selling to and to really hone down where the opportunities are. It’s helped me understand what drives the best business quickest for the best results and to determine my business strategy moving forwards 

I trust Rupert, I trust the principles of the business 100% and it felt really right. In first two months, I have had five or six genuinely positive meetings that will definitely move on to something else

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