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Weekly Livestreams/Webinars

Join us FREE for “Look Forward Thursdays”

This is a special live show happening every Thursday at 5pm, is totally non promotional and each week we are inviting special guests

You can ask questions in real time and can potentially be invited on to the show as an active participant

We will discuss current matters and, look at challenges and opportunities and there will be real stories and light hearted moments. You can take part on Facebook Live or YouTube Live and Periscope (Twitter). LinkedIn Live coming up shortly.

Or for the best possible experience register now for free (for one or multiple sessions) via this button (max 100 people) and make sure that you save to your diary. It will be great to see you…

Next Livestream Event Is On:

Join us FREE for online “Biz-Growth Supercharge Tuesdays”

These weekly online “3 Dimensional” Mini Conferences (no more boring Zoom meetings) meet every Tuesday at 4pm and lasts around 90 minutes

When you join us, for these free online events, they help you to focus on helping you to network with others and form valuable realtionships with the aim of building deep collaborative relationships and seeking potential business referrals in a non pressured environment plus you come away feeling inspired and informed based on the learnings from the day…

We ask that all attendees out of respect to the others join in for the full 90 minutes using your laptop or desktop (PC or Mac) and you must be in a quiet location, with camera and microphone enabled so that you can be an active participant and to be eligible to join….You may attend up to 5 times free of charge (subject to T’s and C’s)

Meet Online Tuesdays at 4pm BST

Details of Online Busines Growth Clinics:

I am delighted to advise that due to the success of our Focus Groups, we are now offering Business Growth Clinics which you can take part in online in the comfort and safety of your own home or office

Whilst Coronavirus continues disrupt our daily lives we realise that the needs and desires of any business are different to what they were even 8 weeks ago. We will share market insights and are running these to help you to look at how you can “pivot your business” and adapt to the new world order. We will also look at opportunities and explore how you can use social media and in particular LinkedIn to drive your business forward today…

Why Attend A Business Growth Clinic And What Do We Cover?

Learn what you should put in place as your “Coronavirus Mitigation Plan”

We share lots of market insights and make this session highly interactive, the learnings of which may have a transformational effect on your business and help you to determine what the market wants today

We will look at the the 12 key strategies you should be putting in place to not only survive but to thrive

We are really interested in seeking your opinion over our current and future plans and understanding yours to explore potential cross Partnership Opportunities

You will enjoy meeting other CEO’s and Leaders learning from their insights too

We will provide a LinkedIn Bonus Session on “How to win more clients” with predictability, plus where practical we will provide 1 to 1 feedback from the pre-task and to any questions that you may have from the day

These are run by Zoom Video Conference, which you can take part in the comfort of your home or office on your desktop or laptop and are normally on Tuesdays and start at 3:30pm to 5pm BST. 

Details of Online Breakthrough Boardrooms

For the Breakthrough Boardrooms these are for members only but you may be given the option to join us as a guest once for a taster session. You can request to be part of this in advance or potentially on the day if you attended the morning Focus Group

Each person can raise an issue or an opportunity that they would like to discuss and explore

This can be on any business or personal matter

Normally two or three of these are chosen and then you can seek the wisdom of the Chair and the other CEO’s in the room

You are then invited to agree an action plan based on your learnings from the day with the group

We ask everyone to respect “Chatham House Rules” of confidentiality

Your Host: Rupert Honywood – CEO of Business Growth Bureau

Stereotypical Entrepreneur with 25 Years + Business and Commercial Experience and BGB now has a team of 14 people across 2 continents.
As the founder of Business Growth Bureau, I love inspiring CEO’s and leaders to achieve exceptional business success through mentorship, building life time partnerships and collaborative business growth.
I get great pleasure in helping companies to grow their businesses and love building Circular Relationships where everyone wins through collaboration and partnerships

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